Patient Feedback At Saint Francis Private Hospital

What to Bring With you on the day of Your Surgery

Personal Belongings

Please Bring:

  • Toiletries, night wear, appropriate non-slip footwear and a dressing gown
  • Any mobilizing aids you may need such as a walking stick, crutches, walking frame or wheelchair
  • Note: Hand and bath towels will be provided.

Please do not bring large amounts of cash or valuables, as the hospital cannot accept responsibility for lost or damaged property.


bring your medication

Please bring with you all medications you are currently taking, including any inhalers and medical devices you use.

If you are currently taking any medications, please take them as normal with a sip of water, with the exception of the following: Diabetic medication or diuretics.

These medications should be reviewed by your consultant ahead of arriving in the hospital.

If you are taking any anti-coagulation therapy such as Warfarin, Aspirin, Plavix or Pradexa etc. please inform your Consultant at the earliest opportunity prior to your surgery date, as these may need to be reviewed. If you attend a Warfarin clinic, please ensure you bring your book with you.

Documentation Required on the day of Surgery

  • Hospital Appointment Letter
  • GP Referral Letter
  • Recent Blood and/or Urine Results
  • X-rays/Scans and/or Diagnostic Reports

Health Insurance Details

All patients who are covered by Health Insurance must provide details of their membership number and insurance plan on admission. The excess or amount payable will be outlined in your admission letter and must be paid by you on admission.

In support of our services, the hospital has formal contracts with all major health insurers: VHI, Irish Life Health, ESB, Laya, Prison Officers, Garda Medical Aid, and Glo Health.

You are advised to check directly with your Health Insurance provider, prior to admission, to determine the exact cover that you qualify for.

For all uninsured patients, the pre agreed hospital costs are your responsibility and must be paid on admission.

Please see our Insurance and Payment Information page for more information.

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