Vasectomy At Saint Francis Private Hospital


What is a Vasectomy?

The vas is the name of a tube that carries the sperms from each testicle, up into the groin and then deep inside the body of the base of the penis. A vasectomy means that the vas is cut just above each testicle and the ends are tied off. The sperms cannot pass into the penis, so you will no longer be fertile. However, you will still make fluid at intercourse.


  • The procedure can usually be done as a day case meaning you are admitted to hospital on the day of your surgery and discharged home on the same day
  • The surgery is performed under general or local anaesthetic
  • Fast from food and drinks from 12 midnight if your procedure is scheduled for the morning under General anaesthesia. If the procedure is scheduled for the afternoon a light breakfast at 6am is recommended. If the procedure is scheduled for local anaesthetic there is no need to fast
  • Bring all your medications including any inhalers you have been prescribed
  • You will then be seen by your consultant and your operation will be explained again to you, you will have another opportunity to ask any questions and you will be asked to sign your consent form
  • One of the nursing staff will complete your admission process by taking a detailed medical and surgical history from you. They will also perform some routine tests

How is the Operation Done?

If you are having a local anaesthetic you will be taken into theatre where you will get a local anaesthetic and you should have no pain during the procedure. However if you experience any pain during the procedure you should inform your consultant.

If the operation is done under a general anaesthetic, you will be completely asleep during the operation.

On rare occasions bleeding may occur after the operation, necessitating a return to theatre.


  • You may experience slight pain or discomfort and pain relief will be available as necessary
  • You will be able to start on sips of water after approximately one hour. Light diet will be offered when appropriate
  • You will be encouraged to get out of bed and mobilise gently


You will be discharged if you are eating and drinking and walking without feeling faint, have used the bathroom and have been reviewed by your consultant. You will be given a prescription for pain killers and/or an antibiotic (as per your consultant) and you are expected to take 1-2 days sick leave from work. Staff will organise a sick note for you.

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