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Respiratory Medicine & Sleep

The Respiratory & Sleep Department at Saint Francis Private Hospital provides an efficient testing service with procedures being continually updated to reflect the latest in testing standards. The department is under the direction of Professor Patrick Manning, Consultant Respiratory Physician.

We provide a comprehensive range of Respiratory investigations available to all Physicians including:

Full Pulmonary Function Tests including:

  • Spirometry – to measure airway obstruction
  • Diffusing Capacity (DLCO)- to measure oxygen absorption capacity
  • Lung Volumes – to measure lung capacity
  • Bronchodilator response* - to measure airway reversibility(* if indicated on referral letter)

Tests provide reliable information on lung function and may indicate the presence of lung disease, as well as enabling clinicians to assess an individuals’ response to a given therapy. Patients may be asked to withhold inhalers prior to test, this will be discussed when the appointment is made.

Skin Prick Allergy Test

This test is used to determine the presence of an allergy to specific respiratory related allergens such as dust mites, animal hairs pollens etc.. Common Allergic disorders include Hayfever and Rhinitis. Patients should discontinue antihistamine therapy for 48 hours prior to test for more accurate results.

Full Pulmonary function and allergy testing service is available to all physicians and requires a referral letter.

If patients need to see Respiratory Consultant also we arrange testing and consultaion on same day where possible.

If tests only required ,results are reported on by our Consultant Respiratory Physician, and returned to referring Physician within 48hours (if possible).

Bronchial Challenge Tests are also available (Consultant Respiratory referral only).

This test is used to confirm the diagnosis of asthma. Methacholine is inhaled in small quantities with repeated spirometry between inhaled doses. This allows monitoring of changes in lung function and development of symptoms of mild asthma during the test.

Our Sleep Clinic is responsible for the diagnosis and management of sleep disorders such as Obstructive Sleep Apnoea.

Patients with sleep related breathing disorders most commonly present with snoring, witnessed breathing pauses and excessive daytime sleepiness. Obstructive Sleep apnoea syndrome (OSAS) can have implications on other medical conditions including hypertension, cardiac disease, stroke, diabetes. It also poses a serious implication for driving. The Road Safety authority “Medical Fitness to Drive Guidelines” recognises the increased rate of motor vehicle accidents in untreated OSAS patients. OSAS is a specified disorder in Irish driving licence applications and requires medical certification before license is issued.

Sleep studies are available at the request of Consultant Respiratory Physician only.

Sleep Services include:

Full Polysomnography (PSG) in-patient Sleep Studies

A Polysomnography is a diagnostic procedure (non-invasive) which allows the consultant to diagnose and treat sleep apnoea.

CPAP Trials with PSG (Continuous positive Airway pressure)

To assess the patients response to treatment of sleep apnoea.

Patient education on individual basis

Tips for better sleep

Education on use of CPAP machine


All outpatients are seen by appointment and require a referral letter from their doctor.

Following Initial Consultation with Professor Manning, appointments will then be arranged for overnight sleep studies.

All tests may be fully or partly covered by Private Health Insurance (VHI, Laya Healthcare, Irish Life Health, ESB, Garda Medical, Prison Officers).

Competitive prices are also available for those who do not have any Health Insurance.

For appointments or any further information about the service, please contact:

Regina Scott, Senior Respiratory Physiologist

Tel: +353 (0)44 9385335

Fax: +353 (0)44 9341330

E mail:

Or Professors Manning's Secretary- Ita Madden

Tel: +353 (0)44 9329950

Fax: +353 (0)44 9329901


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